Nails and Tongue Health Tips

Nails and tongue are one of the first things that come into our mind when we hear about maintaining oral and overall body health. Nails and tongues play a major role in our facial appearance and the way people perceive us. The appearance of our nails and tongue is what we see first, and so much for the taste buds. In other words, our nails and tongues are part of our self-image which is largely dependent on how we look physically.


Nails are composed of four distinct parts – the cuticle, the nail bed, the mid-scalp region and the back of the nail. It is the cuticle that protects the inside of our nails from infections, disease and foreign bodies. It is due to this protective coating of the cuticle that one can easily scrape off the nail without any risk of infection. The cuticle is composed of three to four layers that differ in texture, color and size. The cuticle also determines the number of times one has to clean the affected area.

Nails have a wide range of applications. While we normally use nails for climbing and falling, they are also used by some people to decorate their clothing and make it look neat. In the past, wearing your nails was a sign of social standing. Some people even wore their nails without covering the cuticle. However, today, it is not considered a fashion to expose ones’ nail. In fact, many social circles have stopped this practice out of concern for the health and welfare of the nail.

It is important for women to take care of their nails because bad breath is sometimes associated with nails. Women, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, must take extra care of their nails and tongue. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid nail polish because it may cause excessive bleeding and infections. Because of the health risks involved, it is best to consult your dentist before wearing nail polish.

When it comes to nails and tongue health tips, flossing is very important. Every time you floss your teeth, you are removing particles of food that get stuck between your teeth. You can remove these particles of food in two ways – one, you can bite your fingernail to manually floss; and two, you can use a cotton swab to gently scrape off the floss. Biting your finger and scraping too hard on your tongue may cause bleeding or an infection.

Another one of the main nails and tongue health tips is to be careful when biting your nails. Even if your nails look healthy, you should refrain from biting it too hard because this may lead to severe pain. Biting nails too hard leaves deep grooves and can cause severe pain and bleeding. This is because the natural substance that makes up the nail is called keratin. When you bite your nails too hard, the natural substance that protects them is damaged and is easily caused infections. In fact, it is more likely to cause an infection in areas that have been bitten that have not been properly protected.


If you have beautiful nails, you shouldn’t need to keep them moisturized. Moisturizing your nails will make them brittle and prone to breakage. Keeping your nails moisturized by applying petroleum jelly or hand lotion is not a bad idea at all. You should also be careful when applying nail polish to your nails. Some polishes are made with harsh chemicals that can be very damaging.


As we have mentioned earlier, your nails should not be exposed to too much heat. Excessive heat can cause irreparable damage. Keep your nails out of direct sunlight and use sun block when you do not need to go out in the sun for a while. When you do want to go out in the sun, you can put a little of lotion on your nails before you step out of the house in order to protect them. These simple tips will help you maintain your nails and keep them healthy.