Things Girls Want From Bae When They’re On Their Period

It’s that time of the month when all hell breaks loose. Most of us know our menstrual calendar well, yet we often find ourselves being caught unaware when it arrives unannounced. The very thought of periods makes you uneasy. More so, if you are one of those experiencing heavy flow accompanied by severe cramps. The entire cycle seems like an ordeal, and the least us girls expect is a little bit of empathy from others. And if it’s your boyfriend, it’s a little more than just that.

Here are things that every girl expects from her guy during her period.

1. Understanding

We totally agree that you guys are clueless about the mood swings, pain, and discomfort that come with periods. But it would be nice if you can be sensible and show some empathy and not make fun of me when I am complaining of menstrual cramps