Double Crust Cheesecake

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°Box 1 of Graham crackers (about 27 graham crackers), smashed into soft crumbs

°1/2 Light Brown Sugar

°1 c salted butter dissolved


°2C heavy whisk cream

°3 (8 ounces) cream cheese packaging, room temperature

°1/2 Sugar

°1/4 Sour cream

°2 tbsp sugar powder

°2 tbsp corn starch (or more powdered sugar)

°2 teaspoons lemon juice

°1/2 tbsp vanilla extract


Start by doing the outer mix. Join the installation together until each bite is soaked in ghee. Empty half in the bottom of a spring frying pan 9 ′ ′ and pack. Use the bottom of the dry appreciation cup to make sure it’s really close – in case you lose it too, it will simply disintegrate when you’re trying to cut it off. Place the spring pan in the cooler to adjust, and the other part of the outside to the side on the counter.

Use a hand blender or stand blender, whisk your heavy cream for 2 minutes at medium altitude, then add 2 tablespoons powdered sugar or cornstarch to settle. Continue to skin until the creamy shapes hold together, about 4-5 minutes more.

Similarly, using hand blender or stand blender, cream cheddar cheese and sugar together. Scratch the sides of the bowl as you go, mix until it is completely coherent.

Add tart cream, vanilla, lemon and a controlled sugar shade. Whisk it high until smooth and smooth.

Overlay in part of the whipped cream, tenderly, then overlap in the other half. Get rid of the base outside of the fridge.

Empty the filling into the container and smooth it. You will have to squeeze it while smoothing it to foil the air pockets and make it suitable. Remember that there should be space for the top outside.

When the filling is simplified, use a spoon to sprinkle a portion of the remaining pieces. Use the back of the spoon to simplify over the cheesecake with tenderly pushing down. Add clipper residue and brook

Enjoy !

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